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We provide as close to accurate estimates of what your take-home monthly salary would be like, based on your gross, and calculate any deductions. We also be capture data on industry standard salaries based on job types, anonymously, with tips on negotiation and interview preparations.

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Enter your Gross Monthly Salary and we will calculate, (at our best estimate), your deductions accordingly. If you want to learn more about interview tips, negotiation techniques for salaries, or even see comparing salaries accross job types in Trinidad and Tobago, please keep following our blog.



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* Note: These values are estimates based on Tax Rates in Trinidad and Tobago. These values may vary by month and would not include any other deductions by your employer.

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You should understand the basics of finances, interview preparation, broad salary information, and details about how much you should be taking home based on your gross monthly salary.

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We provide at the base, the ability to calculate your taxes, net salary, health surcharge and NIS, using your gross income.

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Keep an eye on our blog for posts on managing your finances in Trinidad and Tobago. Learn what you should have been taught, and submit your own ideas.

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Looking for a job? We'll help you be prepared with the proper tools you need, including how to mentally prepare for anything in your job.

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