Top 3 Salary Negotiation Tips

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Salary negotiations can be the scariest thing in the world for some, but whats even scarier... It's not doing it at all.

In a famous study done by Linda Babcock author of "Women Don't Ask", revealed that 7% of women attempted to negotiate their first salary while 57% of men did, and of those who did negotiated, they were able to increase their salary by over 7%. So whether you're in your first job or your tenth, here's some negotiation tips to remember for your next interview or performance review.

1. Talk to Recruiters

Recruiters are a gold mine for research, because who else knows what the job market is paying for similar positions you're working in or striving to move up to. The nexgt time one reaches out to you, engage in coversation about the position's responsibilities and pay. You may not get an exact number, but a pay range is a great insight to have.

2. Write your "Bragging Sheet"

Prepping a 'brag sheet' or a one page summary that shows your awesome accomplishments and work is a must. List awards, accomplishments and customer or co-worker testimonials, you can even highlight emails with praise for internal performance reviews. You want to show your value to your boss or employer.

3. Practice (out loud!)

Practice makes perfect! We think we'll be confident in our minds, but actually speaking out loud to practice questions or saying allows us to hear our tone, pitch and confidence. Write down what you want to say and practice to a mirror, on video or with a friend until you're comfortable with having the conversation.